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To our Consignors, Customers and General Public,

On Feb 2, 2023 a slanderous and viscous attack was made against our company, Miss Daisy's Consignment & Auction House by Ms. Clarice Treiber on the app Nextdoor which we have reposted here.

As a result of Ms Treiber's false statements, we have had several concerned consignors (which we have documented) come to the store with their concerns and worry about losing their items.

Prior to any action we may take, we have decided to post our response below publicly:

Ms Clarice's Treiber's Post:

Our Response:

February 3, 2023

Attention Ms. Clarice Treiber:

I am the manager of Miss Daisy’s Consignment & Auction House, located in La Cumbre Plaza and I write to you on behalf of our company. Please be advised that we are aware of your post on the Next Door website from yesterday.

Myself, our staff & the owner are quite shocked as your statements are completely filled with falsehoods.

Being that you are not one of our consignors, you obviously are not familiar with our process. The consignors you have spoken to, are unfortunately confused and have misinformed you.

I will address your untruths, one by one, referencing quotes from your own post.

Falsehood #1: “They wouldn’t tell them the price they would ask for it,”
We will not put a price on an incoming item until after we have completed our research. This is to ensure that our initial asking price is valid. Because we are the largest consignment store in the central coast with new items coming
through the door daily, an item may not be priced right away. However, a consignor can call us at any time and ask, or they can check the website.
This is clearly stated in the policies on page 2 of our Consignor’s Contract, “PLEASE CHECK YOUR ONLINE PORTAL FOR INVENTORY, PRICES, EXPIRATION AND STARTING DATES........”let us know if you have any concerns.”

In the interest of complete transparency, we provide a “Consignor’s Portal” where consignors can access their accounts to check the status at any time.

Falsehood #2: “marked it real high the first week.......and for the next two weeks price came down.”

We price items at the current market value. Our goal is to sell and get as much as we can for our consignor. On some of our high ticket items, like fine art or antiques, we will set a price and leave it. However, for the majority of our items, we use a regular price reduction method that the consignor agrees to when signing up.

It is clearly stated in the policies on page 2 of our Consignor’s Contract, “WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO ADJUST AND REDUCE PRICING AT ANYTIME TO FACILITATE THE SALE OF YOUR ITEMS(S): Your item(s) will automatically be reduced 10% off the original price every 10

By initializing each item on our policy page and signing the contract, the consignor acknowledges that they have read and are in agreement with our terms.

Falsehood #3: “They were not told that after 3 weeks the property becomes the store’s and they keep the money.” When signing up a new consignor, we always emphasize the 50 day duration of our agreement. We adamantly point out to them their contract expiration date. And we explain to them that it is
their responsibility to either pick up their items or call to make additional arrangements.

The very first sentence of our contract reads “Due to the large number of consignor’s that we have we will not be contacting you when your item(s) expire. You MUST contact the store if you wish to retrieve unsold items.”

In an effort to make it easier for the consignor and with the understanding that picking up items may require time and expense we give them an extra 10 days after the expiration date to retrieve them. We also state in the contract that they may have the option for an extension. After 50 days and a 10 day grace period, our computer system will automatically convert items to store
property. And if the item sells after that, even though we are not obligated to do so, we have paid out commissions on these converted items.

Our consignors are our top priority. Miss Daisy’s Consignment & Auction House is well known for being honest and for paying consignors with regularity. We run our company with COMPLETE transparency. Our Consignor’s Contract, including all of our policies, is posted online for all to see. Please click on the following link to view the Consignor’s Contract on our website. After
reviewing it you will see that we make every effort to inform our consignors.

Moving Miss Daisy’s Consignment & Auction House is a community minded business, not only serving local residents, seniors needing downsizing, senior living facilities, the design & real estate community but also many of our local charities. Your slanderous statements not only hurt this business and its hard working employees, but also the community we serve.

It is most unfortunate that you would post such damaging statements without first seeking legitimacy. Now that you are better informed, we ask that you retract your “Warning to Consignors” post on Next Door and make a statement of apology immediately.

Please be advised that your public statements of 2/2/23, on Next Door are being viewed as Commercial Defamation under California Civil Code Section 44,
as well as a violation of Tort Law resulting in Trade Libel by the owner of Miss Daisy’s Consignment & Auction House.

Rashonne Carruthers
(a/k/a Roach)
Miss Daisy’s Consignment & Auction House
o/b/o Glenn Novack-Owner

Video of the initial Public Response: CLICK TO VIEW


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